I always get tons of questions about skincare beauty products. Now that summer is here, your skin needs a different TLC. I’ve been using Aveda Intense Hydrating Rich Creme during the winter-my skin can get dry and flakey because of the wind and cold. For summer I transition to a lighter moisturizer oil control lotion. I’ve also started to use the new TULSĀRA MORNING CREME. I have been a big fan of La Mer for sometime. I have to say-this new TULSĀRA MORNING CREME gives me the same results. Just use sparingly - do not lather.

DULL SKIN: For some extra hydration that will help balance your skin during those days in the sun: BOTANICALS KINETICS TONIG MIST. It’s a refreshing mist and helps hydrate and balance your skin while minimizing surface oil build-up.

DRY SKIN: With the weather warming up, you should be hydrating regularly. That means extra water and never skipping your face moisturizer, but for your moisturizer to work properly you need to make sure you’re exfoliating to get rid of dead skin build up so your moisturizer is more effective. I’ve been using BOTANICAL KINETICS RADIANT SKIN REFINER. It’s clay-based scrub with bamboo extract and tourmaline to gently remove dead skin cells, and I’m obsessed with how soft it leaves your skin.

POLLUTION There is really bad pollution here in SOCAL. There are always so many factors you have to pay attention to with skin that I didn’t ever think pollution was one of the main ones, but my dermatologist told me that the air is so bad here that everyone’s skin is more prone to fine lines and other issues because of the pollution. I’ve been making a more concerted effort to use products that protect the skin. BOTANICAL KINETICS DEEP CLEANSING CLAY MASQUE has been great and I also really love TULASĀRA CALM CONCENTRATE which reduces the look of redness and irritation and helps strengthen and restore the skin's natural protective barrier to improve the skin's resilience. FUN FACT:  This serum contains more than one-hundred thousand red raspberry plant stem cells. I’ve been using these interchangeably for over a year and they’re my all-time favourites!

LACK OF SLEEP: My skin is always the first to tell of a late night or early morning, so TULASĀRA RADIANT OLEATION OIL (all about brightening!) is perfect for those sleepless nights. I love the WEDDING MASQUE and TULASĀRA BRIGHT CONCENTRATE – they are full of antioxidants so this line evens skin tone, smoothes fine lines, and provides 24-hour hydration while infusing skin with a healthy glow.